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Skilled Workers and Employer Sponsored Visa

For professionals who are looking to work and live in Australia, or for companies who are looking to bring in skilled workers from other countries into their workforce, VisaTEC Legal can help make the Visa process manageable and efficient.

Skilled Worker Visa

For independent workers and professionals who are not sponsored by an employer or nominated by an Australian based employer, family member or by the state or territory authorities, the Skilled Independent Visa allows professionals to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident after being successfully approved.

Applicants of the skilled worker Visa must first submit an expression of interest and once screened successfully, the eligible applicant will be invited to the SkillSelect program.

Visa Options for Skilled Workers

Below are the types of Visa that are available for independent skilled workers:

Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)

For eligible skilled workers who are not sponsored by an employer, family member, or nominated by a state or territory government in Australia.


Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)

For eligible skilled workers who are nominated by a state or territory government agency in Australia.

Eligible workers and professionals must pass a points-tested qualification in order to be eligible to apply for the skilled worker Visas.

Applicants can still be eligible for a skilled migrant Visa provided that the applicants have a trade, vocational or professional qualifications that are in shortage over an applied state or territory.

General Skilled Migration (GSM) Overview

The General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program is designed to help professionals and skilled workers who are not sponsored by an employer, but possess skills that would serve for a particular occupation required in Australia.

Qualifications for GSM are as follow:

  • Be over 18 and under 50 years of age
  • Be proficient or fluent in the English language
  • Possess recent skilled work experience or a completed eligible qualification
  • Possess skills or qualifications for an Australian occupation listed in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL)

Employer Sponsored Visa

Companies who are looking to hire international workers and must secure a working Visa, VisaTEC Legal is the preferred immigration firm in processing the required Visa needed by employers in hiring workers from overseas.

Employer Sponsored Visa Classifications

Below are the types of Visa that are available for Australian based businesses:

Temporary Visas

Temporary Work (Skilled) Visas (subclass 457) – The most common sponsored Visa that allows companies to hire a worker from overseas for temporary work.


Permanent Visas

186 Temporary Residence Transition stream – For Visa holders who have worked for two years, while holding a subclass 457 visa, in the same occupation with their nominating employer.

186 Direct Entry stream – For workers who have been nominated by their employer under the Direct Entry stream.

Eligibility for Employer Sponsored Visa

For an employer to successfully start the Visa application process, the skilled worker or professional must be eligible under the following qualifications:

  • Nominated an occupation that is on the relevant skilled occupation list
  • Obtained a suitable skills assessment for that occupation
  • Under the Age of 50
  • Achieved the score required in your letter of invitation based on the points-tested qualification
  • Satisfactory competence in English

Why Choose VisaTEC Legal

Professionals and Businesses trust us when it comes to processing their visa, due to our experience and knowledge in worker Visa applications. We operate in an efficient and highly-organised process.

  • Fixed Costs – Our prices are fixed and no ongoing fees.
  • Quotes are provided in advance – Companies know beforehand the cost.
  • Aim to achieve best possible outcomes – We value our clients and we strive to be efficient and organized to be able to help your business in achieving a smooth Sponsored Visa process.
  • Advise both employer and employee – Our migration lawyers and consultants offer sound and professional advice for both employer and employees for the best outcome.
  • Established Worker Immigration Firm in Melbourne – With over 12 years of experience, we are an established immigration law firm in processing worker Visas.

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