VisaTEC Legal is not only recognised for our expertise with the Australian Visa and Immigration Law, but we are also a highly regarded immigration law firm that operates with the highest principle.

Professional &
Courteous Service

We value all our clients and treat them with the utmost respect, even at their greatest time of need. From the first consultation to the successful application of their Visa, we guarantee a very professional service.


Our aim is to give you the best service as possible and advise you with all your Visa & Immigration queries. With VisaTEC, there are no hidden fees and your well-being is our highest priority.

Time & Money

VisaTEC Legal values your time and money. We do not charge by the hour and our clients know how much they will pay for our services in advance.

Flexibility & Hard work

We believe that each client has a unique immigration case and our approach is a highly personalised service that takes into consideration both your case and situation. We offer a straightforward service, but also maintain flexibility based on your changing needs.

Client Dedication

We aim to advise you on the most suitable Visa that will fit not just your immediate need, but also your desired long-term outcome. Even after your arrival and successful Visa application, our services extend pre-arrival and post-arrival settlement needs in Australia. We value our client’s well-being.

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