Recent Study – Top Countries that Drive Migration to Australia



A country known for diversity, Australia has been continuously attracting people from all over the world to migrate to the country. More and more people from different parts of the world are exploring opportunities being showcased by the Land Down Under.


According to the latest migration data presented by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), India has driven a total 2,250 new migrants to the country, making India the biggest source of Australian migration.


Not only that, India was followed by China, with 1,720 migrants. Iraq was in third place with 850 migrants, while New Zealand and the Philippines reached the top 5, both with 460 migrants.


Last March, a total of 11,590 migrants arrived in Australia. Unfortunately, this was lower than February’s record, with 11,830 migrants. On the good side, the March record was higher than January’s, with 9,610 migrants.


However, the total number of last year’s March records was slightly higher than 2017’s, which was a total of 12,070 migrants.


The ABS thinks that the release of a quarterly migration report can help to figure out long-term trends since the monthly release of figures was able to provide a timely snapshot.


Currently, the March records are the most recent data released since the government’s announcement on the major changes to be applied to the 457 work visa program. The announcement explained the termination of the current visa scheme and will be replaced by the temporary skills shortage visa (TSS) starting March 2018. The TSS will have two types—short and medium-term employment—and both will have stricter eligibility requirements.


Due to stricter requirements, the government added that the list of occupations will lesser than before, and has provided a checklist of these occupations. Moreover, the TSS will make the permanent residency process stricter.


Even though migration has been a big asset of Australia, the replacement of the 457 visa for skilled workers may have a huge impact to jobs in the country. It is best to find an immigration service Australia that can comprehensively explain the difference of the visa options to be able to work in the Land Down Under.


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