Common Grounds for Appeal

After receiving your visa refusal notice, the AAT appeal process starts by applying for review within the strict timeframes. The documentation can be complex, especially providing sufficient evidence and legal arguments to support your grounds for appeal.

Our lawyers will strategically prepare your case, ensuring all the required information is included in the AAT application. We understand how to effectively present the facts in a light most favorable to your circumstances.

Once your case is lodged, the AAT will list it for a hearing or trial where both parties can provide evidence and make submissions. Having professional legal representation is crucial at this stage. Our immigration lawyers will forcefully advocate for you and cross-examine any evidence presented against you.

Common Grounds for Appeal

Many potential grounds can form the basis for a successful AAT appeal against a visa refusal or visa cancellation including:

  • The original decision was legally flawed or unreasonable
  • There were factual errors or a failure to properly consider the evidence
  • Procedural fairness issues or a denial of natural justice
  • The decision was disproportionate or inappropriately harsh
  • New information or evidence that impacts the outcome

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