Digital Notary

The Benefits of Digital Notarisation and Digital Signatures

Notary public authentication is very important in certifying documentation for international use.

With a world that is constantly relying on digital service and technological advancements. The growth of digital notarisation has increased rapidly.

There are many benefits of digital notarisation and digital DFAT authentication. The use of technology to give notary public acknowledgement allows for a variety of security measures to be met and more.

Visatec legal prides itself on working within technological innovation and digital notarisation for the following benefits:

  • Added security: A digital signature on any form of notary documentation offers higher security than a standard electronic signature. The digital signature provides a unique identifiable fingerprint, that remains embedded within the document that draws back to you only. The coded message within the signature draws back to you and your signed document at any time it needs to be accessed.


  • High standard: As soon as the signatory signs the notarial document, the signatory is provided with an individual key that identifies them through their digital signature. The signatory has unique, safe and secure access to their key at any time they wish to access their document and information. There is high quality security on the document in the long-term.


  • Global acknowledgement: Digital notarisation is becoming universally known and utilised for all notary public authentication. As the global recognition of digital notarisation increases, many notarisation offices are putting their complete trust in the high security of digital notarisation.


  • Access anytime: Digital notarisation and documentation is easily accessible at any time. Each signatory has their own private and secure key that they can access at any time they wish to locate their signed and notary public authenticated document.


  • Independent verification: Each signatory doesn’t require a single vendor to verify their document. The signature provided by the individual is highly secure and embedded within the digitally notarised document and cannot be compromised by any party that isn’t authorised.


At Visatec legal, we pride ourselves on our wealth of experience when it comes to digital notarisation and continuing to secure our clients information and documentation now and in the long-term.

Our main aim is to encourage high standard and secure notarisation of documentation. With the globalisation of digital notarisation, we are more determined to work directly with our clients in protecting their documents and guaranteeing efficient service.

To learn more about digital notarisation services, contact us on: 1300 484 728 and speak with one of our experts today.


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