The Benefits of Obtaining a Student Visa in Australia

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AU Student Visa

Working under a Australian Student Visa has many benefits as it provides internationals the opportunity to gain study and working experience in a new country filled with endless educational opportunities.

What is a student visa? A student visa is a legal addition added to a person's passport that is enrolled at any educational institution internationally. Student visas do not require the student to obtain citizenship.

 For any international student that is looking toward an education or study experience abroad, the best option is to obtain a student visa.

Benefits of obtaining a student visa with Visatec Legal

A student visa allows international students to take on various levels of study and education in Australia as well as English studies, degrees and postgraduate studies.

  • You can work and study at the same time whilst on a student visa. Meaning that during your study time in Australia, you are entitled to work 40 hours a fortnight, (20 hours per week). You are also entitled to unlimited hours of work during study breaks and semester breaks.
  • Student visas also allow for the opportunity for students to work beyond their studies in Australia, with a temporary graduate visa. This opportunity is available to students who have succeeded highly throughout their studies.
  • Student visas are broad and you can either study any vocational course or a course within an educational institution.
  • Your student visa can be valid for however long you like and however long your course runs for. The shortest student visa period is 6 months and the longest being between 5 and 6 years.
  • You can include your family members within your student visa. These family members have to be members that are either your partner, de-facto partner and your own children. No parents or elders are included in this visa application.
  • The successful completion of a study path/course within Australia under a student visa application could in turn allow for the student to be well on their pathway to gaining permanent residency within Australia.
  • Student visas application processes in Australia sit at around $500-$650 which are cost-effective for this type of visa. Prices may vary per student visa application depending on the length of study and the type of course the student is undertaking.

Student visas are an excellent opportunity for any international student to not only study and work within Australia, but to also have the opportunity to engage with another culture and eventually open the gates to achieve postgraduate work placement as well as the opportunity to obtain permanent residency.

Our wealth of experience and years of trustworthy service have enabled us to give every client the positive results they are looking for.

If you are interested in learning more about our student visa services and applications, please call us on: 1300 484 728 to speak with the legal experts you can trust, at Visatec Legal.

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