FAQS about notary public services in Melbourne. All you need to know!

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Notary public services in Melbourne are available at Visatec legal.

We are dedicated to delivering high quality notary public services to many clients across our 20 years of experience and we know that there are many frequently asked questions about what notary public services involve.

Every question requires an answer, and therefore we have developed a set of answers in response to the many asked questions about notary public services.

What is a notary public?

A notary public is recognised as a responsible person that is appointed by a superior court.

A notary public is given the authority to witness as a third party the singing of important documents, notarise birth certificates and other documents for international use, notarise consent to travel documents, administer oaths and more.

Why do documents have to be notarised?

A notary public must notarise documents to ensure they are proven legitimate and the parties involved are not imposters and are in fact seeking certification for any of their important documentation.

Documents also need to be notarised to ensure that they are not only authentic, but they are able to be used and recognised internationally.

What needs to be included in a document before it is notarised?

In order for a document to be notarised it needs to include information and text that commits the signer.

It also needs a real and original signature from the signatory.

Lastly, a document also needs a notarial certificate with the appropriate text and ribbon binding to be ready to be officially signed and stamped by a notary public.

Does the law require notarisation?

Certain documents like affidavit, real estate deeds and other similar documents require notarisation so they can be recorded as legally binding.

How can a signatory be identified?

Usually a notary public will demand that the signatory provides them with a current form of identification that has a photograph, full name, description and a signature from the signatory.

Usually a notary public identifies a signatory through being supplied either a drivers license or passport.

Does Notarisation prove that a document is true or legal?

A notary public is not responsible for the legality of the documents they notarise. It is the signatory's responsibility to ensure the content and accuracy of all the information included in the documentation.

Can a notary public offer legal advice and draft legal documents?

A notary public in Australia is able to offer legal advice and draft legal documents as they have to be an attorney in order to be appointed a notary public.

However, these types of services are not within the central service that a notary public is appointed to.

If you are seeking a notary to draft legal documents or provide legal advice, additional fees and charges may apply.

At Visatec legal, our team of notary publics are fully qualified to perform any notary public service and are highly trained to deliver accurate and efficient notarisation of documentation to be both recognised and used overseas.

Seeking assistance from a notary public? Want to know more about our notary services? Please feel free to contact us on: 1300 484 728 today!

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