Living In St Kilda

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Living In St Kilda

If you are the type of person who loves city life but also enjoys the perks of lying on the beach as and when you feel like it. Then, you are going to love St Kilda. It may be stereotyped as being filled with backpackers or a tourist magnet, which is not completely false however it goes without saying that St.Kilda is one of nicest suburbs to live in Melbourne.

St Kilda offers accommodation to suit all types of budgets. If you migrate to Australia without planning where you want to stay, not to worry since St Kilda will welcome you with open arms. You get hostels offering fair deals for long-term tenants. If the thought of living in a dorm is not your cup of tea then long-term lease apartments are also available. Find a flatmate or share with a friend to cut down on rent cost. You can refer to websites such as Airbnb and gumtree to find better options for accommodation.

Whether you plan to live in St Kilda on long-term or short-term basis, its impossible not to soak up the laid back, casual vibe of the suburb. A short tram ride from the suburb will take you to the Melbourne CBD so you won't feel completely isolated from city life. Beach bums are going to love the St Kilda beach, not because it has the same surfing tides of the beaches in Western Aussie but because it's a unique experience. Watching the sunset after a busy day in the suburb is a wonderful experience. While watching the sunset you can pop into the pier where the penguin sanctuary is located to spot tiny black and white cuties waddling along.

St Kilda is well equipped with a range of dining options. You can find ample cafes, bars, and restaurants to enjoy a drink or meal. The only problem you will face when eating out is deciding where to dine.

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