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What is Notary?

To accept the documents internationally, they should be legalized or formally proved to be valid and genuine. For this purpose, several countries require documents or copy documents to be certified by a Notary Public to ensure it is accepted overseas.

In Australia, a highly-experienced and senior legal practitioner is recognized as a Notary. Authorized to prepare, attest, verify, witness and certify original and copy legal documents. Notary attested documents are accepted internationally and make the process more smooth and faster.

What to consider before visiting the notary public

  • We promote efficient and timely notary public service and notary attestation to encourage our clients to organize any documents and needs.
  • There are a few things to have in order and prepared before visiting a notary public for any legal matter or document verification you may need.

We Recommend:

    • Discussing what you require: Being clear and prepared with what you need and requirements will help us understand you and your needs better to determine the best course of action.
    • Document preparation: Sending through any relevant documentation via email will help prepare us in understanding your case before seeing the Notary.
    • Organization of identification: Put together all relevant means of your identification, including passports, Driver Licence and if required, documentation from bank statements or utility bills etc.

What Do You Need To Bring To A Notary Service?

If you need notary international and document services and notary attestation, it is important to gather and organize all necessary documentation to ensure an efficient and timely outcome.

We Recommend Bringing The Following To A Notary Service:

  • Identification: This needs to be something that contains photographic proof of yourself and a featured signature. It can be a current and valid passport or a valid driver's License. An additional document like a utility bill may be required.
  • All your original documents that are to be used during the notary service
  • Any instructions you may have received from overseas
  • If you are signing for someone else or another business, you must have documents that show proof of enabling you to sign on their behalf.

These documents are essential to the effectiveness of your notary service, and we encourage you to organize these well in advance before seeing a notary public.

What Are The Other Things To Consider When Seeking Notary Public Services?

When you seek Notary public services, we encourage you to consider some other protocol and procedure upon visiting a notary public.

These include:

  • Witnessing signatures: When a notary is required to witness the signing of a power of attorney, or any other overseas documentation, the document must be signed in the Notary's presence.
  • Proof of identification: For notarization to be effective, a notary must verify: signer's identity and understand what was signed.

For notary attestation to occur and be final, the signee must be officially verified based on the personal identification documentation provided by the Notary.

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