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We offer a variety of notary services at Visatec, these include:

  • Notarisation of documents for use overseas
  • Drafting notification of consent to travel documentation
  • Affidavit for authorization: Estate matters, court cases, wills and probate and worldwide litigation.
  • Notary and apostille services: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Notarial certificates of law and good standing for corporations
  • Administration of Oaths for the Giving of Evidence
  • Noting and Protesting Bills of Exchange
  • Indian Notarisation
  • United States real estate / property closing documents
  • Company Power of Attorney, Authorizations and Appointment Letters
  • Notary marriage certificate

Our notary marriage certificate services entitle us to approve and grant any marriage certificate as legal and legitimate. As a notary marriage certificate receives notary attestation, it is recognized as a legal and official marriage in Australia.

  • Notarial birth certificates

Like our notary marriage certificate service, our notary birth certificate service allows us to examine any birth certificate and approve it as a legal and legitimate document through notary attestation. After we approve and attest your birth certificate, it is deemed a legal and official document in Australia.

Get Fast Notary Services at Visatec Legal – Notary Public Services

Give yourself the best and trusted notary services with VisaTEC Legal's international notary services that offer you convenient and faster outcomes. Whether you are an individual, small or large businesses, Lawyers, Patent Attorneys, Banks, or Statutory Authorities, our highly experienced lawyer and Public Notary will always provide you stress-free Notarial services. We understand how challenging and urgent notarial documentation can be – Therefore, our main aim is to provide you with the best and most satisfying outcomes through our fast and reliable Notary and apostille services in Melbourne.

With over 18 years of experience as an Australian lawyer, you can be confident of brilliant legal mind checking through your documentation. We provide you with a full range of notary services in Melbourne. We provide notary services for taking declarations and affidavits, international attestation and notarisation, certification of original documents, verification of identity, corporate verification, Certificate of Good Standing of an Australian Corporation, Authentication, and Apostille services from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. We offer you a one-stop solution for all your notary requirements.

Let us understand Notarisation in detail.

Notary public services available at VisaTEC Melbourne

Do you have documents that you need to be proven suitable for international use? Are you seeking notary attestation? At VisaTEC legal, our notary public services are guaranteed to verify and legitimise any documentation you require. VisaTEC certifies any document to make them eligible overseas. Our notary public services in Melbourne are fast, efficient and effective.

Here at VisaTEC, our notary services in Melbourne are available to any small or large scale businesses as well as individuals in the private and government sectors. Our Notary public services are the leading notarial services in Victoria are not only determined to make your experience seamless, fast and stress-free.

  • Notary public services at VisaTEC are services that cover a wide range of verification of legal documents from small to large scale business organizations and individuals from private and government sectors.
  • Notary public services authenticate documentation, includes witnesses, deeds, signatures and legalizing international documents.


Do you require notary services in Melbourne? VisaTEC Notary public services are available to consult!

We offer 20 years of experience, trust, and service to each of our clients and are driven to making each notary service effective, efficient, and timely for all. If you need assistance with any legal matter, immigration, or notarial needs, call us on  1300 484 728 today to consult our leading team in notary services in Melbourne.

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