Australian Immigration Guides: The lure of Melbourne

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Immigration Guides - Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the most popular cities to live in the world. In fact, the Victorian capital was ranked second on ‘the most livable cities in the world' list by the Economist Intelligence Unit in 2018, behind only Vienna and previously it's held the title for no.1 most liveable city for the previous seven years.

Melbourne is also popular among those considering emigrating to Australia and even those who have been living in other cities around Australia due to the multitude of job opportunities, educational facilities and the social life the city offers.

How affordable is Melbourne?

Of course, most cities are more expensive than their suburban and rural counterparts, and the more popular a location is, the more expensive it tends to be. However, the cost of living in Melbourne has actually gone down in comparison to other popular cities around the world.

Although the median house rental prices in Melbourne has seen an increase of about 2.5 percent, it's still cheaper than most other top cities of the world, London for instance. You would even be able to save if you rent a house on the periphery rather than in central Melbourne.

In case you are worried about transport on the outskirts, there is no need for such worries at all. The public transport is excellent, whether it's the bus, tram, tube or boat. Pedestrians will also find the city very easy to navigate.

Opportunities for students

Australia is a favourite destination for students from around the world and some of the universities Down Under are ranked among the most high standard education providers And comparatively you can get Australian student visa. Melbourne too is a hotspot for students with places such as the University of Melbourne being placed on top of the list. The rich culture, fantastic social scene and the many opportunities make the city appealing to a global clientele and would be especially attractive to students from countries such as the UK due to the similarities in culture.

It's a great destination for students from other countries to visit during their gap years and the ideal city to raise a family in, as the life for children is without comparison in this city.

Jobs in Melbourne

Job opportunities are plentiful in Melbourne especially in certain fields which require special skills, some require foreign expertise. For instance, nursing is a job which is currently in high demand in the city. Both public and private sectors have employment for foreigners.

The burgeoning social scene will make it especially attractive for foreigners moving into Melbourne as there is so much to see and do. Whether your love is food, entertainment, sports or arts, you would find that everything pleases. One is never short of leisure activities in this vibrant city. The cosmopolitan hub is one of the best places to find friends and even the partner of your dreams.

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