Trademark Applications

A trademark is a way of distinguishing the goods or services of the business from those of other businesses. It gives them exclusive rights to commercially use, license or sell the trademark. This means that no one else in Australia can commercially use the trademark within the class of goods and services it's registered under.

Any feature (or combination of features) that distinguishes the company's goods or services from others can be registered as a trademark, such as a letter, number, word, phrase, sound, smell, shape, logo, picture or aspect of packaging.

Trademark applications are submitted to IP Australia (or USPTO in the US or IPONZ in NZ) who examine the mark for registrability. As our Trademark Application services, we offer Trademark Registry, Search & Professional Advice; Filing an application to register a Trademark; Providing infringement or freedom to operate advice and Running an opposition against the grant of a trademark registration.


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