Why migrate to Melbourne?

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Why migrate to Melbourne?

One of the fastest growing city in the world, make Melbourne your new home. Not only has Melbourne been voted one of the most liveable cities in the world, it's a diverse melting pot of culture and a city that welcomes migrants from all over the world. As Melbourne immigration lawyers, we know all to well about the stages you take before making the move to a new country. But why migrate to Melbourne?

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In this article, we supply a summary of why you should consider migrating to Melbourne.

  • Melbourne Housing Review
  • Melbourne's cultural diversity
  • Melbourne population statistics
  • Melbourne's economy

Melbourne Housing review

House prices are declining, and bargains are available all over Melbourne. Low-income growth, historically low official interest rates, and tighter lending practices are impacting on the property market in Melbourne. Melbourne is now leading the declines in property values just ahead of Sydney which is attracting for migrants as you can secure rentals and purchase property at a more reasonable rate.

Although interest rates have been on hold, the big four Australian Banks have been increasing their lending rates blaming an increase in their cost. All this is good news for new migrants as Melbourne is one of the most cultured cities in the world, famous for its arts and crafts, theatres and sports events.

A snapshot of Melbourne's diversity

Victoria's population was 5.93 million in 2016, compared to 5.35 million in the 2011 Census. An increase of 10.7 percent. Much higher than the rest of Australia

Melbourne population statistics:

  •    28.4 percent (1,680,275) were born abroad originating from more than 200 countries
  •    49.1 percent (2,910,631) were born overseas or born in Australia with at least one parent born overseas.
  •    26.0 percent (1,538,835) spoke 260 languages other than English when at home.
  •    59.0 percent (3,493,927) followed more than 130 different faiths.

All these figures show an increase when compared to data from previous years.

Top end of Melbourne is hurting the most

Prestigious housing districts, which includes Kew, Hawthorn, and Balwyn, saw a drop of 8.4 percent year-on-year, slashing $131,000 from the median value of houses in the area. For migrant investors looking to buy property in Melbourne this is good news.  Melbourne's property prices are likely to slide south possibly a further 3% which will be positive for buyers.

Melbourne Economy is robust and growing

The economy is however robust, jobs growth (approximately 72,000 jobs created last year), 35% of all overseas migrants headed for Melbourne. Melbourne rates as one of the ten fastest growing cities in the developed world. Its population is expected to grow by 10% over the next four years.

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