Third Year Australian Working Holiday Visa News

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Third Year Australian Working Holiday Visa News

Backpackers (working holiday visas holders) to Australia will soon be able to work in the country for a longer duration without having to leave their jobs every six months as the goverment announce third year Australian Working Holiday Visa news. 

Third Year Working Holiday Visa: Working Holiday Visa Changes Are In The Pipeline

The Government of Australia recently announced impending changes to backpacker and working holiday visa processes. After the changes come into effect, visa holders will be allowed to remain with the same employer for one year instead of just six months. The changes will allow backpackers to stay in Australia for a longer time if they choose to take up agricultural work. In addition, the Government plans to raise the age limit for working holiday visa to 35 years for individuals from a select number of countries (Canada and Ireland). People from the Pacific Islands will be able to stay in Australia three months longer if they do seasonal work.  

At the moment, 462 visa holders can only work in Northern Australia. After the rule changes, they will be able to work in a wider range of areas. Accordingly, they will be able to choose to work in below-mentioned regions.

  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • Queensland
  • Western Australia
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • All of the Northern Territory

Last year around 419,000 backpackers visited Australia. Collectively they spent $920 million.

However, Premier Scott Morrison assured that Australian nationals will get the first pick of the jobs. He further explained that the changes will ensure that farmers will have access to a plentiful workforce during the harvesting season. Mr. Morrison revealed that the long-term focus will be on establishing an agricultural visa.

For the moment, working holiday makers will effectively be able to triple the length of their stay if they take up agricultural work as soon as the changes become effective.

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