Notary Public Services

  • Notarization of Documents for use overseas
  • Drafting and Notarization of consent to travel documents
  • Affidavit for estate matters, court cases, wills & probate and litigation worldwide
  • Authentication or an Apostille from department of Foreign affairs and trade
  • Notarial certificates of law and good standing
  • Administration of Oaths for the Giving of Evidence
  • Noting and Protesting Bills of Exchange

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Our Professional Accreditations

  •  Global LAW Experts
  • The Australian and New Zealand College of Notaries
  • Legal Awards 2016
  • MIA- Member of Migration Institute of Australia
  • LAW Institute Victoria
  • Migration Agents Registration Number
  • MMA- Member of Migration Alliance
  • Society of Notaries of Victoria
  • The Lawyer Network
  • MARA- Migration Agents Registration Authority

Notary Public Services

To make a document acceptable for international use, it first needs to be verified and proved legit. The notary public in Melbourne certify all those necessary documents to be used overseas.We offer fast and flexible Notary Services in Melbourne.

Visatec is one of the leading notary services providers in Australia offering notary services to small and large business organisations as well as to individuals in private and government sectors. Our mission is to provide people and organisations with expert and professional service to help them get their legal matters sorted.

Things To Consider Before Seeing The Notary Public:

Before seeing the notary public in Melbourne, lets discuss and understand what is required. This is often shown in the requirements of the receiving party or a lawyer abroad. If possible, it may be sensible to fax or email the copies of the documents before seeing the notary.

Those present before the notary will require identification as a standard procedure for verification by the notary Melbourne. It is recommended to bring the documents for identification such as passport or driver’s license. An alternate address document stating the home address for instance utility bill or statement from the bank may be needed too.

What you need to bring to Notary?

  • Identify evidence that shows a photograph and specimen signature – for example, a current and valid passport or driver license that will confirm your current address. A secondary identity document such as a utility bill may also be required.
  • Your original documents
  • Any instructions you have received from overseas
  • If you are signing on behalf on a company or somebody else. All the documents that show you have the authority to sign.

Witnessing Signatures

When a notary is required to witness the signing of a power of attorney or other document for overseas. the document must be signed in the notary’s presence.

Proof of Identity

Effective to notarization requires a notary to verify.

  • Signee’s Identity
  • The signee understands what was signed

Unless personally known to the notary. Signee must be satisfactorily identified with the production of at least a current passport or some other document issued by a government department or agency which includes a photograph and specimen signature.

Company Documents

Effective Notarization of company documents ordinarily requires a notary to verify.

That the company exists and the signer’s status within the company and the signer has authority to sing on the company’s behalf. often a notary will require evidence that appropriate corporate governance has been adhered to in relation to the company documents.